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Sorensen Software is a client oriented business which believes in the value of our customers. We have years of experience in customized application development, database management system development, web site design & development, eCommerce shop development, network setup & maintenance, computer lab development, and so much more. We have held major clients in many various fields, but have had a strong focus in law firms & other legal groups, medical groups, engineers, statistical analysts, higher education institutes, and are a primary subcontracting resource for other web development & internet companies. Some of the more reputable and recognizable names have been for companies such as: Texas State Technical College; Cole, Cole & Easley, P.C.; Environmental & Occupational Health Data Systems; Quicksilver Websites, LC; Mithoff & Jacks; Swiki Anderson & Associates, Inc.; as well as many more. We feel confident that we have the skills, resources, and contractor network needed to provide you with great solutions for your business.

That's right! Get your own tailor made online web store for only $799. We will develop a custom web store design to suit your business needs. Our online stores have an extensive range of features, as well as customization and management options. Our stores are powered with osCommerce Technology, which has proven itself to be one of the top solutions for store owners across the world. The stores all include the ability to add an unlimited amount of shopping categories, products, and manufacturers.
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Yes, we also design and develop custom websites as well, and what a better deal then $999. You'll receive multiple custom made design templates created from your responses to our web development questionaire. Get up to 7 pages of initial content, with at least 750 words per page. We develop our sites to be implemented on top of the CMS (Content Management System) Mambo Server. This allows you to add, update, and remove the content and information on your site yourself!
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We are very excited to announce that we have become affiliated partners with . This allows us to provide our customers with the best web site hosting plan we know of! For only $7.77 a month you can have your own web hosting from one of the top ranking hosting companies in the world! Each account has a disk space of 5,000 MB, and a data transfer rate of 10 GB of data a day! Thats an equivalent of 300 Giga Bytes a month! They provide 24/7 Technical support, 650 email accounts, full web statistics, 5 mySQL databases, multiple language support and so much more! Click here to see the main reasons we have chosen to offer you with PowWeb's services.

Showcase Projects

Newveau.Com is one of our currently most anticipated projects for completion. Newveau is an online area for the public to come and find lesser known and undiscovered musicians and artists. We have developed a piracy preventative streaming online based media player using Macromedia's Flash MX. The interface for Newveau will showcase our new revolutionary development of a dynamic site based desktop system. One of the major features for this technology include an independent windowing system, capable of loading and operating multiple web pages and web based applications all within the virtual desktop. Utilizing the strengths of some of our best graphics artists and digital 3D modelers, we expect amazing things from Newveau. We expect release in October of 2006.

One of our newest projects has been the official home page and web portal for fire dance performance troupe "The Taming Fire Team" from out of College Station, Tx. This site has a quaint and elegant style which has received many compliments. Each primary section has been developed with it's own graphic header, but is still laid out like the remainder of the site. Besides the web site and forum developed for them we have also placed focus on their corporate identity, logos, as well as t-shirt and sign graphics. Some of the recent accomplishments from the team and the content provided has driven their site traffic higher than originally anticipated with an average of 4,5000 unique visits per month.

Coinciding with the home page for TamingFire.Com we have also developed their online store, "Taming Fire Online Shop". This particular shop was developed from osCommerce technology, one of the largest open source shopping systems available. We made modifications to some of the control modules and implemented a few other pre-developed ones as well. We also implemented the design style keeping some of the primary features of osCommerce. The shop provides product categories for different product types, the ability to run specials and sales, manufacturer information and logos, product searches, and lists of: recently added items; the most popular items; product reviews (by customers); and more.

Compliance with Standards

In Application Development
We strive to insure that all of our custom built applications comply with the conventional industry standards in all aspects of the application, from interface layout to shortcut keys to navigational systems. We also fully document the application source code beyond what is considered most "common" practices.
In Web site Design and Development
We strive to provide beautiful and efficient web sites with quick load times, ease of use and navigation. We comply with most of the standard formats of site layout and navigation, unless requested to do otherwise. We are also able to offer site templates that tentatively conform to the WCAG and 508 guidelines for web content accessibility. *Compliance with some standards for impaired and disabled users eliminate certain site feature options, such as the use of Macromedia's Flash MX.